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Electric Logo - Real Tree 12”x12”

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Electric Logo - RealTree

With electric logos, no lightbulbs required. The lights are created by emitted photos (light particles) in response to a small current. The result is a versatile, bendable light that is actually thinner than a credit card.

As the sunlight dims at the end of the day, regular logos disappear, but not Electric Logos. At night is when they shine their brightest. 

Use Electric Logos to light up your home, office, man cave, kid’s room, dorm room, RV and even your car.  Electric Logos are a tailgating must-have.

Three different lighting modes: On, Flash and Sequence, and they come with a light-up panel, rechargeable lithium battery, car charger, wall charger and reversible suction cups for facing in or out. 

12"x12" Orange or Pink or Pink/Purple

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