Book: Camellia (Song of the River)

Book: Camellia (Song of the River)

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-Book #2

-Author: Diane T. Ashley & Aaron McCarver

-"Camellia Anderson misses her life of wealth and privilege. She misses the balls; she misses the suitors. and she's bored with hearing about politics despite the undeniable wave of unrest raging across the South. Then an opportunity to attend finishing school in New Orleans brings Thad Watkin---staunch Southern supporter and dashing soldier---into her world, and they begin a whirlwind courtship.

         Jonah Thornton is disappointed when he sees Camellia growing closer to Thad. He has admired Camellia from afar even though he knows he is no more than a friend to her. Having questioned the practice of slavery in the past, and without much hope of finding love with Camellia, Jonah heads North to join the Union Army.

         When an injury brings Jonah back into Camellia's life, she is both challenged and drawn to this man of strong convictions. Suddenly Camellia is torn between two loves---just as the nation is torn between North and South. But is she willing to risk everything---her reputation, her life, and her heart---to save a Union soldier?"


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