Book: Jasmine (Song of the River)

Book: Jasmine (Song of the River)

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-Book #3

-Author: Diane T. Ashley & Aaron McCarver

-"Jasmine Anderson is certain running from her riverboat home is her only option to pursue her greatest desire---a life of fame in New York. She refuses to let others' expectations hinder her any longer, not even those of her dearest friend David Foster. He doesn't support her dream, and she will not keep waiting while he tries to prove himself worthy of her hand---just so she can be tied down by vows and a family.

      Jasmine flees to a showboat where she gains roles and attracts the seductive attention of the led actor. . . and the bitter jealousy of a veteran actress. Meanwhile, David is relentless in his loving pursuit of Jasmine, vowing to stay near and protect her from the cold, hard world in which she's immersed herself.

      Then a great tragedy on the river sets off a chain of events that creates promising new opportunities but also grave danger for Jasmine--- and ultimately the chance to discover a dream that is truly worth living and sacrificing for."

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