Book: Lily (Song of the River)

Book: Lily (Song of the River)

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-Book #2

-Author: Diane T. Ashley & Aaron McCarver

-"Lily Anderson longs for a life of adventure, steaming down the Mississippi on a riverboat. But her relatives, wanting her to secure a future for herself and her two younger sisters, are intent on Lily marrying well and foregoing any chance of living out her dream. When a loveless match seems inevitable, Lily makes a last-ditch effort to avoid losing her freedom forever by purchasing the steamship Hattie Belle from the father of debonair Jean Lue Champney---unaware that her precious dowry garners only partial ownership of the vessel.

      Roguish gambler Blake Matthew's dreams are finally beginning to take shape after a night of card playing wins him the title to the Hattie Belle. But Blake's brimming confidence in a successful venture is dampened when he meets his new partner---Lily.

      As their riverboat enterprise erupts into turmoil, can Lily and Blake discover that God is the One they can count on when all else fails? Will the siren song of the river evolve into a serenade or a somber lament?"

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