My Heartfelt Letters To Santa through the years

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To keep up with all your kids letters to Santa this great book will be your child’s guide to writing the best letter to Santa ever!

Author Veronica Christine Steck

this is a great past time to spend hours with your child creating letters to Santa! 

-Author: Veronica Christie Steck

- "Every child loves to let Santa know what they want for Christmas. Yet Christmas letters too often become laundry lists of gimme. My Heartfelt Letters to Santa shows children, as young as 3,4 or 5 and as old as teen age, that there are better ways of writing to Santa than just asking for "stuff". It is a how-to guide written in language easy for young minds to grasp. Yet it shares concepts that are valuable to letter writers of any age. It takes children step-by-step through the writing process and asks questions to help them think about what they really want and why they deserve presents this year. (If children are too young to write, they can dictate their letter to Mom or Dad to write for them.)"

Key fetter of the book include:

  • A section on writing the letter---what to say and how to say it.
  • Sample letters to give children models of what their letter might look like,
  • Beautiful stationary--like pages on which children can write their letters.
  • Pages for the children's special Wish List.
  • Tips for getting on and staying on Santa's "Nice" list.

   "Following this approach, writing letters to Santa becomes a celebration of the child's positive aspects, accomplishments and improvements. And the book becomes a keepsake journal that children and their families will love reading for years to come."

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